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    Family Socks (3 pairs)

    Ideal soft and beautiful socks for photoshooting or for gifting to someone special. The socks are made in Ukraine and they are produced from Oeko-Tex sertified quality cotton.

    The price of a sock package (3 pairs) is 27 € (including shipping inside Finland) 

    You can add the rest of the family to the order for 5 €/pair. If you need help in combining, please contact us and we will make a manual order.


    1. Choose the sock package
    2. Press "Add to cart"
    3. Close the shopping cart from the cross
    4. Choose the additional family member for 5 €/pair. Add to cart and return.
    5. Continue until all the socks are in the cart.
    6. Press "Checkout" and finish your purchase

    The EU sizes are:

    • DAD 42-45
    • MUM 37-40
    • BABY 0-6 months
    • SISTER S (12-18 months)
    • SISTER L (2-2,5 years)
    • BROTHER S (12-18 months)
    • BROTHER L (2-2,5 years)


    • M+B+D = Mum + Baby + Dad
    • M+B+M = 2 Mums and a baby
    • D + B + D = 2 Dads and a baby


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